Gardner Tackle understand the absolutely critical need for a razor sharp hook point when carp fishing and specialist fishing. Almost every modern rig we cast out, relies upon a hook with an exquisitely sharp hook to initially catch, and then to ensure that the hook buries fully down with minimal resistance.

If all things are equal (you’re using a good bait they like) then its irrefutable that using a sharper hook will catch you more fish, it’s that simple – so keeping those hooks absolutely razor sharp can’t be overstated.

As such, we have developed a number of products to help the carp and specimen angler achieve unbelievably sharp hook points really easily:

Our first product was the revolutionary Point Dr. – a simple and easy to use grey abrasive rubber block that made ‘polishing’ hook points an absolute doddle! This was followed up by the slightly firmer and higher abrasion red Point Dr. 2, which essentially takes a bit more plating and metal off the hook, a little bit quicker.

The latest addition to the range are the amazing highest quality Hook Stones – a product that we have used for many years before finally managing to get it for the Gardner range. The exceptional quality of this product and the longevity of it’s working life, really makes it stand out from any other tool! *See the product page for full information.

We’re always looking for products that anglers can use to keep their hooks pristine and effective, but they need to be practical and preferably something that almost any angler can pick up and make a real positive difference to their angling.

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