Original Flat Pear Inline Leads

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The flat design ensures the largest possible surface area is ‘on the deck’ and the thicker nose heavy shape gives the greatest possible weight where it’s most needed, where the rig swivel is pushed into the integral lead insert. This means that these leads offer the highest possible resistance when a carp picks up the hook bait and then pulls the hook point further into the fish’s mouth when it first starts to take hold.

This is a particularly effective lead shape when it’s being used on hard clean spots and for setting traps in the edge.

  • These Flat Pear Inline leads are ideal for solid PVA bag presentations.
  • Choice of 4 finishes: Green, Brown, Chod and Gravel.
  • Available from 1oz (28g) to 5oz (142g).

Coating colour guide:

  • Green – A tough, hard wearing plastic coating. Dark weed green with black fleck camo effect.
  • Brown – A tough, hard wearing plastic coating. Dark mud brown with black fleck camo effect.
  • Chod – A dark fibrous organic coating that looks completely natural. This coating darkens off nicely when wet and stays dark after use.
  • Gravel – A fine gravel finish that blends in awesomely on cleaned-off hard spots but is still dark enough to disappear into the lake bed elsewhere, where a standard pale gravel lead would stand out like a sore thumb.
Weights/Sizes Available Green Brown Chod Gravel
1.5oz (42g)
2oz (57g)
2.5oz (71g)
3oz (85g)
3.5oz (100g)
4oz (113g)
5oz (142g)

Drop Out Lead Inserts are available.


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