Lazy Bug Bobbin Clips

Lazy Bug Clips are a retro fit accessory for our hugely popular Bug Indicators.

They can be fitted to your Bug indicators (excluding Nano Bugs) improving the manner in which they clip grips the line – rather than running on it… This helps to improve bite indication when slack line fishing and also reduces the incidence of wind bleeps.

The force required to make them release from the line is easily adjusted by moving the UV-resistant O-ring UV up to create a tighter grip or down to reduce the tension.

They are sold 3 per pack.

These line clips are available in two sizes:

  • Small (22mm long) to fit Micro and Mega Bug Indicators.
  • Large (36mm long) to fit Mini and Maxi Bug Indictors.

The 5mm moulded thread at the base of the clip is compatible with all three sizes of Bug chains and also Bug Arms.


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