The Version 2 (V2) ATTx Remote System allows anglers to receive remote indication from almost any buzzer on the market!

The V2 system includes a number of key features:

  • Soft Touch, non-reflective, rubberised finish on Receiver and Transmitters.
  • Improved Battery Life on Receiver and Transmitter – The Receiver is powered by a single AA Battery providing a battery life of up 3 weeks of normal use.
  • The Transmitter is powered from a single GP11A battery lasting up to 1 season of normal use. The batteries supplied are tester batteries only.
  • Mimics Alarm Beeps – The Receiver beeps at the same rate at which signals are received by the Transmitters, from the buzzer output, thereby sounding anything from a single bleep to a full-blown ‘one-toner’.
  • Improved Range and Performance – tested to 100m + range under optimum bank side conditions.
  • Multiple Tone Selection on the Receiver – 10 different user selectable tones.
  • Improved Transmitter Design –The electronic circuitry is encased in its own watertight compartment to prevent the risk of water coming in, transmitter corrosion and any resultant malfunction.
  • Activation on all LEDs (for simultaneous runs).
  • Last LED Activation Recall.
  • LED’s will remain on for 40 seconds after the last buzzer signal is received from the transmitter.
  • Vibrate mode and Volume control.
  • Low Battery Warning.
  • Fully compatibility with the Deluxe Receiver.
  • These systems are available with either 2.5mm or 3.5mm (for Delkim alarms) jack plugs.
  • Standard system comes with Multi Coloured V2 receiver that has 5 different coloured LED’s – Red, White, Blue, Green and Orange.
  • An ‘All Blue LED’ system is also available at the same price.

*To make sure that these items stay in tip top condition it is important to look after them and treat them with care.

To ensure the greatest reliability and longevity from your Version 2 ATTx system:

  • Clean and thoroughly dry the items off before storing them in a dry place.
  • We recommend keeping them somewhere with stable temperatures to avoid heating and cooling that may cause condensation.
  • If you’re putting the V2ATTx system away for extended periods of time we strongly recommend taking out the batteries.

*Battery leaks are not covered by the ATT warranty.

21 reviews for ATTx V2 Remote System

  1. Harry Liedenbaum

    do these also work with more then 25 years old delkims

    Regards Harry

    • Oliver Webb

      Hi Harry,

      Please can you let us know the exact model of your alarms so that we can check whether the system will work with them?

      The Gardner Team

  2. Mark Eason

    Ive got the original V1 4 rod reciever ,if i upgrade to V2 will i need to buy upgraded dongles aswell or will my originals be compatable with V2 cheers.

  3. Lee harper

    Hi there can I add another dongle so it has 4 alarms on it? If so how do I do it is there a tutorial or PDF?

  4. Adam

    Hi I have the delkim ev plus do I need the (3.5mm dongles ) and also is this reviver as loud as the actuall ev alrm thanks

    • Oliver Webb

      Hi Adam,

      Yes, you are quite correct, you need the 3.5mm jack plugs for your Delkim alarms.

      None of use Delks so we aren’t sure how loud one is in a straight comparison – sorry The best bet would be to pop into a (good) tackle shop that has them on display side-by-side to compare output. :)

  5. James

    Hi does the att v2 system work with my original optonic super compacts they do have jack sockets for original leads
    Many thanks jimmy

    • Oliver Webb

      Hi Jimmy

      The V2ATTx remote system is compatible with the old Super Optonic bite alarm.

      The Gardner Team

  6. Justin Pilgram

    Hi if I buy the attx v2 receiver multi colour can you change the led lenses? As I have 1 purple delk and 1 blue. As the multi coloured receiver doesn’t have a single purple lens?

  7. Gytis

    Hi there,
    What is the maximum distance attx reciever will show me a run? Thinking to buy for my delkim ev alarms, but not sure how long distance it works. Thank you

    • admin

      Hi Max,

      It’s not possible to give a definitive maximum range for the ‘V2ATTx’ system as so many factors affect the distance that the system works at… major obstructions like earth banks (dug out swims) and dense trees will inevitably reduce the maximum range.

      However, across open-land the range is ‘considerable’ and MUCH MUCH further than any angler should ever consider leaving fishing rods unattended. At tackle shows/demonstrations we have shown the system to work in excess of couple of hundred meters – but again this should never be done in a real-life angling situation.

      Hope that this helps,
      The Gardner Team

  8. neil

    Does the attx mimic the exact beep from a delkim ?

    • admin

      Hi Neil,

      The ATTx receiver system replicates the blips and bleeps of the ‘Delk’ – but not that (awful) warble…

      This means that on a flyer the audible output from the ATTx receiver will just be a single tone.

      The Gardner Team

  9. scott

    Will this att receiver work with the original mk1 delkims.

    • admin

      Hi Scott,

      Yes, the ATTx V2 Remote System will work with the mk1 Delkims. You will need the the transmitters to fit the 3.5mm output, whereas the 2.5mm sized transmitters fit our Gardner TLB’s, Neville rollers and Fox alarms (and most other buzzers!).

      Hope that helps,
      The Gardner Team

  10. Ottó Herman

    hi attx the transmitter button if battery life is good or bad?

    Best regards from Hungary, Otto Herman

    • admin

      Hi Otto,

      The battery life of the ATTx transmitter is very good.

      The Gardner Tackle Team

  11. Dan H


    I have 3 Delkin Ev’s, but no receiver, do i just need to buy a delkim reciver and link them up or something?


    • Lewis Read

      Hi Dan

      To make the EV’s wireless you would need to purchasde the 3.5mm ATTx transmitters and the compatable ATTx reciever.
      The transmitters are not compatible with the Delk reciever.

  12. JAC

    2 out of the transmitters are not working checked the batteries any options ?

    • Lewis Read

      Hi Nick

      It’s worth checking that the negative battery terminal (pressed connection) hasnt been flattened slightly Nick.
      If your still having problems please email


      Gardber Tackle

  13. dean

    hi ive jsut brought some delkim ev plus alarms im thinking of buying the gardener reciever and dongle things do i jsut plug the dongles in and it automaticly works?

    • Lewis Read

      Hi Dean

      Nearly that simply – just plug the transmitters into the output socket of your EV heads and tune in the reciever by following the instructions in the booklet.

      Hold the program button in on the side of the reciever and switch it on (keeping teh button depressed).
      When the lights come on take your finger off the program button and the first light will flash indicating this channel is open to being tuned in.
      Bleep the corresponding head (and if you want to skip a channel/colour just press the program button)

      Hope this helps…

  14. Gary rothon

    Hi was told this works with the delkims ev plus will the receiver LEDs light up the same as the alarms if u have 3 different colours

    • Gardner

      Hi Gary,

      The answer is very much dependant upon the colour of the LED’s on your Delks.

      The ATTx multi colour receiver comes with red/green/white/orange/blue LEDs (in that order) and you can tune each transmitter into any one of these colours. Alternatively, there are all single coloured LED receivers, say if you have there blue heads or all red, or all white… you get the drift…

      Hope this helps – any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us again.

      The Gardner Team

  15. Andy

    Hi, I have purchased the ATTx receiver, with regard to the dongles for my TLB alarms do I need to buy a matched set of three or can I buy one at a time ? How does the receiver distinguish between transmitters ?

    Kind Regards

    Andy H

    • Gardner

      Hi Andy,

      You can buy one at a time and tune them into the V2 receiver that can take up to 5 channels.

      If you start off with 2 transmitters and want add a third at a later date, it just entails retuning all three transmitters – full instructions are supplied in the V2ATTx system booklet.

      The Team Gardner

  16. Bob

    Thanks for prompt answer re- fox micron m alarms. I forgot to specify exactly wht type, want to make absolutey sure before I order. The alarms that I have are the original fox micron M buzzers with one 2.5 jack output and run on 2X GP 910A LR1 1.5v. That type of micron M! Thanks for your help. Bob.

    • Gardner

      Hi Bob,

      No problem at all. Yes the product you want has the code: V2ATTX2 or V2ATTX2B – This is the multi coloured or all blue LED receiver plus the transmitters you need. Otherwise if you want any other colour on your receiver you can purchase the receiver and the 2.5 transmitters separately.

      Hope that this helps.

      The Gardner Team

  17. Bob

    Will the V2ATTx system work with FOX Micron M buzzers.
    Cheers Bob.

    • Gardner

      Hi Bob,

      Yes it will, using the 2.5 dongles.

      The Gardner Team

  18. lee dickenson

    hi, i have just bought the v2 receiver to link with my atts alarms. for some reasonwhen i take cover off either alarm, hold down program button, turn on reciever and get five lights as instructed, it does not pick up either alarm??? help !!

    • Lewis Read

      Hi Lee

      Assuming your holding the button down (and keeping it depressed) when you turn the reciever on you need to take your finger off thw button when thw lights come on – then the first light will start flashing meaning that channel is open to be tuned into your ATTs alarms.

  19. joe atkin

    when you have gardner tlb’s are there any tlb recievers but if not what reciever do i get to work with the tlb’s?

    thanks joe

  20. paul cruise

    On the ATTX V2 remote system you say the battery will last one session, how long appox in hours is this? is this suitable for the Delkim EV plus system.



    • Gardner

      Hi Paul,

      The battery in the ATTx V2 Receiver will last for a SEASON, rather than a session. This means that it will last for approximately 1 year. When the receiver is on vibrate mode the battery usage is slightly higher though so it may run down a little faster. Either way we recommend that you carry a spare AA battery with you just in case. Hope that this answers your question. Please write back if you have any other queries.

      The Gardner Team

    • Gardner

      Hi Paul,

      Yes the Delkim EV plus system will work with the ATTx V2 system, as long as you have the 3.5 dongles.

      The Gardner Team

  21. todd

    do these work with delkims ?

    • Gardner

      Hi Todd,

      The V2ATTx system works fine with Delks – the only thing to remember is that you need the transmitters to fit the 3.5mm output, where as the 2.5mm sized transmitters fit our Gardner TLB’s, Neville rollers and Fox alarms (and most other buzzers!).

      The Gardner Team

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