Various Batteries

A variety of batteries for all kinds of buzzers, torches, devices, etc.

23A 12V – for TLB Compact Heads and Stevie Nevilles. 1 battery required for TLB. Sold singly.

PP3 9V – for Delkims and some Fox Alarms. Sold singly.

LR1 1.5V – for Fox Microns and some other alarms. Sold singly.

AAA – ATTx V1 Receiver, ATT Mini Receiver and other head torches, laser-pens, etc. 3 batteries required for ATTx V1 Receiver. 1 battery required for ATT Mini Receiver. Sold in Packs of 3.

AA – ATTx V2 Receiver, torches and some head-lights. 1 battery required for ATTx V2 Receiver. Sold in Packs of 4.

GP11A 6V – ATTx V2 Transmitters. 1 battery required per Transmitter. Sold Singly or in Packs of 3.

GP476A 6V – ATTs Alarm. 1 battery required per alarm. Sold in Packs of 3.

CR1025 3V – ATTx V1 Transmitters. 2 batteries required per Transmitter. Sold singly.

CR2016 3V – Cyba Torch and Earlite. 2 required for both of these torches. Sold in Pairs.

CR2032 3V – Night Sight Head Torch and Nano Torch. 2 required. Sold in Pairs.

Type Use With Quantity
23A 12V TLB Compact Heads x1
PP3 9V Delkims/some Fox Alarms x1
LR1 1.5V Fox Microns/other alarms x1
AAA Batteries ATTx V1 Receiver /
ATT Mini Receiver
AA Batteries ATTx V2 Receiver, Phazor Torch x4
GP11A Battery ATTx V2 Transmitter x1
GP11A Batteries ATTx V2 Transmitter x3
GP476A Batteries ATTs Silent Alarm x3
CR1025 Battery ATTx V1 Transmitter x1
CR2016 3V Cyba Torch/Earlite/UV Torch x2
CR2032 3V Cyba Night Viz Head Torch/Night Sight Head Torch/Nano Torch x2


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