The Version 2 ATTx Receiver is compatible with V2ATTx Transmitters and all ATTs heads.

Key features of the V2 Receiver include:

  • Soft Touch, non-reflective, rubberised finish.
  • 5 independent channels.
  • Adjustable tone control.
  • Volume control.
  • Vibrate Mode on/off.
  • Excellent range (100m+ in ideal conditions).
  • The V2 Receiver is sold with multi-coloured LEDs as standard. These LEDS are set in the following order: Red, Green, White, Orange and Blue.
  • The V2 Receiver features a 30 second latching LED showing which alarm has bleeped/triggered.
  • Single colour LED Receivers are also available. These include: all blue, red, purple, green, yellow and orange.
  • The V2 ATTx receiver only requires a single AA battery (battery not included).
  • This single battery will last up to 6 months of regular angling.
  • To make sure that your receiver stays in tip top condition it is important to look after it and treat it with care.

To ensure the greatest reliability and longevity:

  • Clean and thoroughly dry the item off before storing it in a dry place.
  • We recommend keeping it somewhere warm (or at least stable temperatures) to avoid heating and cooling that may cause condensation.
  • If you’re putting it away for extended periods of time we strongly recommend taking out the batteries. Battery leaks are not covered by the ATT warranty.



6 reviews for ATTx V2 Receiver

  1. Pavel Hnatek

    It is possible to get spare seals for the ATT Deluxe receiver and possibly spare plastic covers from you, thank you for your reply

  2. adrian

    Hi, do these work with the Delkim ev-d? Thanks.

    • Oliver Webb

      No, unfortunately they don’t Adrian. For some reason, the new Delk EV-D does not have a signal output socket. They only have the ‘Nite-Lite’ power output that is not compatible with any plug in wireless system.

      Lewis Read
      Gardner Tackle Ltd – ATT

  3. James

    What transmitter is needed for a fox mx+ bite alarm

    • admin

      Hi James,

      Having checked the information on the Fox MX+ alarms, it seems as if you will need the 2.5 transmitters to work with the V2 ATTx Receiver.

      Hope that this helps.

      The Gardner Team

  4. Lee Madden

    Does attx v2 receiver work with the attx silent heads

    • admin

      Hi Lee,

      Yes it does.

      Regards, The Gardner Team

  5. Tom Gibson

    how far can you be away from your alarms to still receive the bite?

    • Gardner

      Hi Tom.

      The range depends upon back side features – and on flat open fisheries the range is easily in excess of 100m, whilst the range is naturally reduced if your rods are down an embankment (in a ‘dug out’ swim as the raised ground will block the signal) or through trees.

      Either way you should not leave rods unattended….

      The Gardner Team

  6. adi nichols

    just thought i’d say what a great receiver the V2 is,not only is it sleak and looks good,but really does what it’s meant to do,unlike other remote systems i’ve had where i’ve picked up fire engines ambulances and police cars when they were in the area,well done a great piece of kit

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