Bug Indicator Bobbins

Now available in Purple, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Clear, Carbon and Black (in certain sizes only, see below).

An extremely versatile, top quality bobbin/hanger indicator designed from scratch to fulfil all the needs of the expert Carp angler. Available in 4 sizes to cover a variety of fishing situations and conditions.

BUG Bobbins sizes and weights:

  • Micro Bug Bobbin – 22mm thin – White=8 grams, Colours=6 grams
  • Mini Bug Bobbin – 36mm thin – White=10 grams, Colours=8 grams
  • Mega Bug Bobbin – 22mm fat – 12 grams
  • Maxi Bug Bobbin – 36mm fat – 20 grams

*Weights include head, body and cord/chain

  • Dual position precision line clip moulded in reinforced nylon – will not damage your line.
  • Extended ‘antennae’ will grip line, thus allowing the angler to fish slack lines and avoid wind bleeps for the ultimate in presentation.
  • Tight lines – with or without back leads – can be fished as normal. Simply pass line through the clip for a running bobbin.
  • Supplied with 15cm Anti-Rust Ball Chain. 30cm and 2.5cm Anti-Rust Ball Chains are also available.
  • Quick and easy to convert, just screw the parts together in seconds.
  • Betalights are glue fitted into the Gardner Bug Indicators.
  • Dedicated Bug Betalights are also available in Green, Red, Blue, Purple, White and Orange. Tritium-Max Small Betalights are also suitable for Bug Indicators.
Colours Micro (22mm thin) White=8 grams, Colours=6 grams Mini (36mm thin) White=10 grams, Colours=8 grams Mega (22mm thin) 12 grams Maxi (36mm thin) 20 grams

Nano Bug Bobbins are also available.

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3 reviews for Bug Indicator Bobbins

  1. Mike

    Hello I have 6 bugs 3 maxi and 3 mini the chains are breaking on them do you sell replacement chains? I live in the US.


    • Lewis Read

      Hi Mike –

      Spare Chains are available in 15cm and 30cm.

      In the US we deal with ‘Whacker Baits’, ‘American Carp Gear’ and ‘Big Carp Tackle’.
      In Canada we supply ‘New World Carp’

      Any of these shops should be able to help you

      Gardner Tackle

  2. michael

    Hi, i write form Italy. I would be interested in 3 green mini bug indicators betalights. If it possible purchase directly from the website??
    I have got 3 atts and attx v2, but the bug in italy it’s impossible to find and I WANT IT!!!! :)
    Please, help me!!

    • Lewis Read

      Hi Michael

      Its probably worth contacting our Italian distributor to find out who stocks these items near to you (sorry we dont have records here)

      Please email ‘Fabio’ using info@big-fish.it

  3. vern brazier

    hi ya just wanted to know the price range of the bug indicators please thanks

    vern brazier

    • Gardner

      Hi Vern,

      The prices range from: £8.99 – £9.99. Hope that this helps.

      The Gardner Team

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