The new Lazy Bug bobbins are the latest addition to our hugely popular Bug Indicator range.

These special edition Lazy Bugs incorporate a new style line clip that gently grips the line – enhancing bite indication and reduces the incidence of wind bleeps.

The grip is simply adjusted by sliding the tensioning O-ring up or down the clip, increasing or decreasing the grip as you do so…

They are available in two sizes to cover a wide variety of fishing situations:

Small = 6 grams
Large = 8 grams

*Weights include head, body and cord/chain

  • The bodies are turned and formed from a solid piece of white Acetyl and features a milled channel for the glue fit of one of the Tritium Max Bug Betalights (10mm x 2.5mm).
  • Lazy Bugs are supplied with a 42cm cord and Hockey Stick.
  • The cord length can be easily be adjusted in length to suit your own requirements simply by sliding the threaded fitting down the Dyneema cord and tying a bulky knot at the length required.
  • We recommend the technically challenging triple overhand granny knot!

The 5mm thread used on the clip is compatible with all Bug Chains, Sticks and Arms which means that the majority of components in the bugs range are quick and easy to convert, just screw the parts together in seconds.

*Dedicated Bug Betalights also available in Green, Red, Blue, Purple, White and Orange.

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