I love the large natural lakes and I like to spend a couple of nights a week on them. It’s difficult to quantify how many nights a year I fish, maybe 50-60, however this depends on factors such as work and my family. I fish all year round, from spring right through the winter.

I have been a long term consultant for CC Moore in Italy and I am looking forward to working closely with Gardner Tackle. I have worked for some time with www.carpaonline.it and I’ve had a number of articles published in variuo magazines such as Carp & Catfishing.

Fact File

Name: Luca Nanetti
Nickname: N/A
Location: Italy
Age: 45
Favourite venue: I enjoy fishing all large natural lakes and large Hydroelectric Reservoirs. Among my favorites are Bolsena Lake, the Endine Lake, Viverone, Lake Varese, Vogresk, Suviana and Brasimone basins or great river’s such as the Rio Ebro.
PB: 66lb 0oz mirror