What you

What you’ll need…

Step 1. Start off by threading a flatliner onto your mainline with a safety bead either side.

Step 1. Using a Gardner Stripper Tool, strip back approx. 3 inches of coating.

Step 2. Tie a loop knot in the end of your mainline. Chris favours a single overhand loop for this.

Step 2. Tie a double overhand loop to crate the hair and thread on your chosen bottom bait.

Step 3. Cut off enough 12Ib Power Gum to tie a stop knot...

Step 3. Martin prefers a short hair, so position the bait until it just touches the bend of the hook.

Step 4....a 3 turn stop knot is ideal for fixing the Flatliner controller in place.

Step 4. Now tie a simple knotless knot as shown.

Step 5. When it is finished (leaving a small tag) carefully move the stop down to the loop knot.

Step 5. Pull the size 12 Kwik Lok Swivel into the Lead Clip until you hear it click.

Step 6. Repeat with another stop knot beind the upper bead to keep the controller in position and create a bolt effect.

Step 6. Push the Tail Rubber all the way on and secure the hook length by pushing the Anti-Tangle Sleeve over the Kwik Lok Swivel.