My first memories of fishing were back in the 80’s, what’s funny, is the fact that I didn’t have a dad or any family member who took me fishing, in fact I am the only member in my whole family who fishes… That is why my dad asks my mum every day where I really come from.

When I was a KID I started fishing for roach and bream with a pole, when I had the go of things I started to fish with quiver and swing-tips. It was on one of those days That the carp virus struck hard. I remember it like it was yesterday. I fished with corn on my hook and caught my first carp. The way I had to play the fish… That pure power…. there was simply no buzz like That. From That day on I became a Total carp devotee. The only problem I had a That time was no money to buy tackle and nobody to take me under his wings. I started to work in a restaurant in the weekends to earn some money, and every penny I gained was spent on fishing tackle. I was also lucky to meet on my local lake, people like Alijn Danau and Ronny Degroote who showed me their tackle and rigs. I became a true carp angler.

Nowadays I still have a Huge love for the sport and try as much as I can to spend time on the bank. Also I spend 4 weeks in France every year, the last couple of years its mostly spent on the banks of Rainbow lake. Rainbow is truly paradise on earth, big fish and great anglers from around the World, I’ve made friends for life on the banks of Rainbow!

I strongly believe in using quality products, therefore I have always used the Gardner Tackle range even in the very early days of my fishing career.

Fact File

Name: Chris Vandenhaute
Location: Belgium
Date of Birth: 16/02/1975
Favourite Venues: Rainbow lake
PB’s (lb): common 29kg mirror 22.8kg (Belgium) common 26.8kg mirror 30.4kg (France)