Sam is a versatile all round angler and is at home trotting maggots on his local intimate streams as he is boating baits out for carp on some of the UK’s toughest inland seas. Having written monthly columns for the now defunct Carp and Coarse Angler as well as current publications such as TCF and CAT, Sam also features regularly in other magazines and the occasional book chapter, so he has certainly flexed his literary muscles in recent years.

A proud member of the BCSG and subsequent member of the esteemed BCSG syndicates, Sam also gained his Certificate in Angling Coaching back in 2006 and spent a while helping other anglers achieve a range of personal bests of several species. With nearly 20 years of LSA / RMC / CEMEX Angling Bailiff experience under his belt, Sam was the Head Bailiff of the enigmatic Kingsmead Island Lake where he enjoyed great success landing some of the secrets that it contains.

As a result, Sam has been firmly on board the Gardner Tackle team for a few years now, where he contributes in the ‘all rounder’ capacity that he has become well known for. Able to regularly test tackle to destruction, Sam puts our products through their paces on some very demanding venues where he requires the best from his tackle. A Manufacturing Engineer by trade with over 20 years in the game, coupled with a keen eye for detail and knowledge of modern manufacturing methods and capabilities, Sam brings a lot of practical ‘real world’ experience to the team.

Fact file

Name: Sam Meeuwissen
Nickname: Sammy Seagull
Location: Twyford, Berkshire
Date of birth: 14/05/1975
Favourite venue: Old School Wraysbury 1, the BCSG Korda Syndicate and the wonderful St Patricks Stream
PB: Carp 37lb 8oz, Pike 27lb 10oz, Catfish (UK) 43lb, Bream 16lb 10oz, Tench 9lb 8oz, Barbel 15lb, Chub 7lb 4oz, Perch 3lb 8oz, Grayling 2lb 12oz, Mullet 4lb 8oz, Eel 5lb 1oz.