Daniel Chart

Daniel Chart

During my 25 years fishing for carp I have had the  privilege of fishing waters such as Yateley, Horton,  Kingsmead; and I am currently on the Road Lake on the legendary Longfield complex of lakes in pursuit of a couple of special fish to add to my portfolio (as well as a very special water we call Jurassic Park).

Having a full time job and a young family to raise, my time is limited to one or two nights a week so its important that I ensure that when I am fishing my approach to the session is meticulous with regards to baiting and positioning of my baits.

Fact File

Name: Daniel Chart
Nickname: Nice Dan (Better than nasty Dan!)
Location: Dorking, Surrey
Date of birth: 23/04/1975
Favourite venue: The Road Lake
PB’s: 43.6lb Mirror, 33.12lb common, 36lb Grassy, 35lb Catfish.


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