Everything the carp angler needs to fish the Ronnie Rig on any hooklink of choice.

The Kit includes:

  • 1 x Ready Made Ronnie Rig.
  • 9 x Hooks.
  • 9 x Hook Stops.
  • 3 x Tungsten Ronnie Sleeves.
  • 3 x QC Hook Flexi-Ring Swivels.
  • 2 x Hook Swivels.
  • 3 x Flexi Bait Screws.
Sizes Barbed Barbless
2 Barbed Barbless
4 Barbed Barbless
6 Barbed Barbless
8 Barbed Barbless

*If you find that the Covert Hook Stop starts to move on the shank of the hook it may need replacing. We recommend feathering the cast to reduce the impact on the waters surface, lowering the chances of this happening.



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