Covert QC Hook Flexi-Ring Swivels

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Covert QC Hook Flexi-Ring Swivels feature a robust parallel crook, for quick and easy attachment of hooks.

Inclusion of a Flexi-Ring essentially allows extra free movement and ease of knotting to hooklinks, as there is no need to use loop knots often necessary with stiff hooklinks. The addition of a Flexi-Ring means that they are also ideal as the swivel on a Helicopter arrangement.

The all-important crook on these size 12 QC Hook Flexi-Ring Swivels has been manufactured with the heaviest possible gauge wire, ensuring reliability and giving you complete confidence in their performance, whatever the angling scenario.

Secure the hook or hooklink onto the swivel using Covert Tungsten Ronnie Sleeve or Hinge Beads, choosing the model based on the rig and whether you want a fixed or hinged attachment. Alternatively, you can use a section of suitable diameter tubing or a Covert Anti Tangle Sleeve to lock a hooklink securely in place.

  • Anti Glare black finish reduces visibility under water.
  • Extra strong, smooth spinning and completely reliable.
  • Available in size 12 only.
  • Also available in a standard version.
  • 10 per packet.

**These QC Hook Flexi Ring Swivels are suitable for use with most hook patterns, up to and including size 6.



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