Featuring our unique Pop Up Hook Aligner, these rigs are tied perfectly with a Covert Incizor to give you an ultra effective presentation that is as versatile as it is devastating!

The Pop Up Hook Aligner and Incizors work together perfectly to flip and turn aggressively and give a really secure hook hold, whilst the ‘D’ style hook bait mounting works with a variety of hook baits – including bottom baits, snowmen hook baits or even pop ups (just add Critical Mass counterbalance to sink as necessary). Whatever you attach to it the hinge created by rig ring mounted on the hook aligner allows the hook to rotate freely into a position where it is most likely to offer a really secure hook hold. The position of the hookbait, tight to the back of the shank, ensures that the hook is sucked in with the hook bait and that the rig remains tangle free – where as a conventional hair could twist on around the shank leading to hook pulls.

Simply tie your chosen hook bait onto the Covert Rig Ring or mount on a Bait Band and your ready to go!

  • Covert Incizor hooks and Disruption hooklinks for excellent camouflage.
  • These rigs feature a looped section for use with quick change swivels and links.
  • ‘Stripped’ section of hooklink allows the hook to turn aggressively, enhancing hooking efficiency.
  • Now with Anti-Tangle sleeves.
  • Available in Sizes 6, 8 & 10 – Barbed or Barbless.
  • Made with a Covert Incizor hook and 15lb Disruption.
  • Available in Green and Brown.
  • Hand tied in the UK.


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