These Lock Beads have been developed using a flexible compound and feature the perfect internal diameters to fit and hold securely on each size of Gardner Rigid Rig Tubing.

This makes them perfect for specialist anglers constructing presentations like Paternoster Rigs or Helicopter Rigs using Flexi Ring swivels on the Slim version of the Rigid Rig Tubing.

  • Just like the tubing, the Lock Beads are available in 2 size:
    Slim – 1.5mm I/D fits securely on ‘Slim Rigid Rig Tube
    Standard – 2.5mm I/D fits securely on ‘Rigid Rig Tubing
  • Each pack 12 x 6mm flexible beads per packet.
  • Lock beads are available in C-Thru Green, Brown, Silt and Mixed colour packs.

HINT: Moisten the end of the tube to slide on the lock bead.


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