The ‘Hinged Stiff’ Fluoro Booms are made with high performance, semi-stiff 30lb/0.50mm, 100% Fluorocarbon, which offers extremely neat and tidy presentation and is rigid enough to reduce the incidence of tangles.

Pure Fluorocarbon is an amazing material; it is almost invisible in water, is generally stiffer than standard copolymer and is also heavy (dense), which all adds up to mean it is a brilliant hooklink / boom material in higher diameters. The downside is inevitably that in these diameters it can be difficult to tie neatly, without a large knot… The fused loops used on these booms are stronger than conventional knots and the glued and tubed process makes the join both strong and tidy.

Key features of Hinged Stiff Booms are as follows:

  • Hinged Stiff Booms are 8inches long, and feature size 12 Covert Flexi Ring Swivels, making them ideal for use with either Hinged Rigs or 360 rigs.
  • This Flexi Ring Swivel sits on a 2cm loop to allow a little extra movement to the hook section, which is an important factor especially when fishing for large carp.
  • They also have 1cm loop at the lead end, making it quick and easy to swap rigs whilst using a Kwik Lok style swivel on your terminal arrangement.
  • Also available in a Ronnie Boom version.
  • 3 per packet.

**If you elect to use these booms with a lead clip arrangement, we recommend fishing on firm ground otherwise the rig could sit unnaturally if the lead penetrates into the lakebed.


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