‘Hi-Lo’ Polarised Sunglasses

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‘Hi-Lo’ Polarised Sunglasses

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All anglers should have a pair of polarised glasses in their tackle. Why?

Polarised lenses remove most of the surface glare and enable you to see what is going on under the surface far more clearly.

Anyone that has fished clear water venues will tell you what an enormous benefit it is to be able to see what is going on – where fish are moving and how they are feeding close in.

Few other individual items of tackle will catch you more fish – but careful observation (water-craft) and a good pair of polarised glasses will!

These new Hi-Lo polarised sunglasses offer you the dual benefit of having interchangeable ‘light’ (amber) and ‘dark’ (grey) tinted lenses to suit varying light conditions. In practice this means that the amber lenses are perfectly suited to slightly overcast or changeable days (typical English weather!), whilst the grey lenses are ideal for really bright days when the sun is at its peak on those rare occasions when there isn’t a cloud to be seen in the sky! Perfect for use on mainland Europe.

  • European industry standard UV protection (UV380)

The interchangeable lenses are really quick and easy to swap over (see the video) – and they are available for the amazing price of only £14.99!



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