These Lo-Lite polarised sunglasses feature a ‘minimal’ brown tint that effectively balances optimal polarisation of light reflecting off the water’s surface, with maximum light transmission through the lens to give the best possible performance in low light conditions.

This means that you can effectively see more detail deeper on cloudy/dull days or in heavily shaded spots around the lake.

These Lo-Lite sunglasses feature a lightweight ‘wrapped’ frame that helps to reduce unfiltered light from entering the eyes from the side of the glasses – a small detail that helps maintain the best possible performance from the lenses.

How do polarised lens work and why would these sunglasses help in your fishing?

When light hits the surface of the water it is reflected off the surface as ‘glare’ and travels into your eye as a horizontal wave. Polarised lenses only allow vertical light to come through and this means that the glare is filtered out enabling you to see with far greater definition and enhanced clarity which means that you can see what’s going on under the surface.

Careful observation (water-craft) and a good pair of polarised glasses will help you to catch more, as they offer you the opportunity to watch fish, see subsurface weed beds and identify specific feeding spots on the lake bed in clear water a lot more easily.

These glasses are supplied with a branded protective hard case and lens cloth.


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