Covert Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves

Covert Tungsten Terminal Tackle

These fast sinking Covert Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves have been developed to secure hooklinks onto either size 8 or size 12 quick change swivels.

The sleeves protect and streamline looped connections and swivel knots. They reduce the incidence of tangles and help to pin down the swivel end of the hooklink, together keeping the hooklink laying flush and fishing effectively.

Covert Tungsten manufactured with the densest tungsten polymer compound available, these anti-tangle sleeves are available in black/silt.

There are 2 sizes available:
Size 8 sleeves – 40mm long with 2.5mm I/D.
Size 12 sleeves – 40mm long with 2.25mm I/D.

  • Semi-stiff compound provides the optimum balance of rigidity and flexibility giving you maximum rig control.
  • 40mm length with smooth continuous taper.
  • Large bore allows easy threading of any hooklink.
  • Can be trimmed down to customise and suit your own rigs.
  • 8 Sleeves per packet.



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