The Covert Tungsten Terminal range is a small variety of tungsten impregnated terminal components that have been designed to complement and extend our hugely successful Covert Terminal Tackle range.

All the products are made to our own unique design and specification. They have all been manufactured using the heaviest tungsten polymer compound available, to ensure that the products really are heavy and fast sinking. There are no gimmicky colour variants simply because the addition of pigments would reduce the weight of the compound, so there is just one colour… Black!

Each of the components in the Covert Tungsten range has been designed to be easy for the angler to use, and where possible, we’ve tried to build in a degree of flexibility in practicality and application. For instance, the XL-Kickers can be used straight out the packet, but the design lends itself perfectly to being trimmed and adjusted for use with different styles of hook pattern. After all, pairing the XL-Kicker with an Incizor is naturally going to be very different to using one with a Wide Gape Talon Tip. Therefore offering flexibly in how anglers can use a product broadens the products potential use and allows for optimising the angler’s options in terms of tweaking and enhancing rigs.

Similarly, Chod beads and Line-Sinkers have been developed with a keen eye on practical use and have been designed with 2 different bores to ensure they work superbly on a wide range of different materials by specifying internal bores so suit. So whether you want to use them threaded onto monofilament, skinned hooklinks or Camflex leadfree/Leadcore, the different bores will function perfectly.

As always function, benefit, practicality and reliability have been key to our product development process, and we have strived to keep this ethos for the Covert Tungsten products, whilst maintaining reasonable prices.

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