These new, sleek additions to the much loved Pocket Rocket range have been designed specifically for baiting up with boilies up to 18mm in diameter.

In practice they are excellent for accurately depositing freebies around your hookbait avoiding the unwanted attentions of seagulls and other bird life that quickly learn that the swish of a throwing stick or the crack of a catapult elastic means a free meal! Quack quack – squark squark!

The Boilie Rocket can be used on normal carp rods and creates minimal disturbance, especially if the line is feathered just before the Rocket touches the surface of the water.

As it is so light we like clipping these on instead of a lead and using the actual fishing rod that is clipped up ready to be cast to a specific spot to make sure everything is done accurately and efficiently.

This accuracy is helped by the fact that, like the other spods in the Pocket Rocket range it should be topped up with water before casting, ensuring the filled rocket will have a uniform weight. This liquid could easily be bait and food style dips that will help create an area of high attraction around your freebies.

  • The Boilie Rocket is superbly aerodynamic, which means it can be accurately cast an amazing distance for its size and filled weight. As they are slimmer than the other Pocket Rockets they reel in a little easier and quieter than the larger diameter rockets in the range.
  • The Ultra-buoyant nose cone ensures that it deposits the bait and floats ‘nose up’, which is critical to it dropping its payload. If you’re quick enough (and it’s not windy!) it can also be used as a marker float.
  • Available in two colours – Orange and Yellow.
  • These Boilie Rockets are a useful way of accurately getting boilies on your spots with minimal noise and disturbance.

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