Fluoro Rocket XL

Gardner Tackle Products

Made from a special light absorbent, glow in the dark material, this unique rocket enables far more accurate night time spodding as the angler no longer has to guess whether the spod landed in line with their chosen sight marker.

The Fluoro Rocket will ‘charge up’ its glow by absorbing any source of light (sunlight is best). To recharge, simply shine a powerful torch over the spod for a few seconds or use a camera flash several times (the brighter the light source, the more light will be absorbed and the longer the spod will glow for).

  • The larger payload of the XL Pocket Rocket means that this spod is better suited for baiting up with larger quantities of bait.
  • The XL retains the same aerodynamic properties of the original Pocket Rocket, ensuring remarkable casting stability and balance.
  • Its tapered body is designed to ensure consistent bait release every time.
  • Due to its larger size, this spod is ideal for longer range tactics if coupled with a more powerful rod.
  • All Gardner Pocket Rockets float as a marker and can be clearly seen despite strong ripples and all can be used with liquid additives.
  • Colour: Fluorescent Green.


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