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Friends of Gardner Tackle

Simon Hartop

All-rounder Simon Hartop has a dedication and angling style that suits him perfectly...read on: I love angling for most species, but carp fishing allows me to spend more time in the wild. It’s the ‘cat and mouse’ nature of the chase; especially on the pits I choose to fish. Carp never cease [...]

Ryan Searle

I've been fishing since I was around 12 years old. It all started out on the local match lakes catching silvers, but after a couple of sessions doing so, I saw my first carp whilst walking past the 'carp lake' on the complex. From that moment I've been carp fishing whenever and wherever I [...]

Peter Springate

Peter Springate is above all else a fisherman first and foremost. He isn’t concerned with the whole world knowing what he’s caught, what tackle he’s using or how many 30’s or 40’s he has caught. He has no desire to appear in the popular angling press or enter any kind of competitive angling. He just [...]

Lee Wagner

I started fishing at a young age, being taken to various lakes by my father predominantly float fishing and catching whatever was there to be caught. A day at Parkers Lake in 1997 spawned my enthusiasm for carp as a species when two kind anglers fishing that day, showed me the hair rig. During [...]