Fishing from a young age in the Shire of Somerset, I was lucky to live with a river in my back garden. I spent many hours learning the ways to trot a float for anything that would take my bait. At only 10 years old I was introduced into carp by some of the areas most prestigious carp anglers and, as keen as i was, followed along to learn the ropes. To this day I feel blessed to have grown up in the early era, when it was so pure, and to see the Uk carp scene explode into what it is today.

I now live in Sweden, and am very lucky to have massive wild lakes and inland oceans to fish for low stock super scaled carp. I try to spend at leat two to three nights a week trying to outwit them onto my unhooking mat, before the very short season comes to a close and the ice age takes over for as many months as it does each year.

Working in the Angling trade as a tackle designer and manufacture, I never feel I am at work, as this is what I love to do!

Fact File

Name: Gary Benney
Nickname: G
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Date of Birth: 15/09/198
Favourite Venues: A secret pit with only me on it
PB’s (lb): Mirror 83lb 5oz – Common 75lb 15oz