Peter Springate is above all else a fisherman first and foremost. He isn’t concerned with the whole world knowing what he’s caught, what tackle he’s using or how many 30’s or 40’s he has caught. He has no desire to appear in the popular angling press or enter any kind of competitive angling. He just has to go and explore new horizons, new challenges to his watercraft and angling ability and he does it as well as anyone.

The Redmire chapter in Peter’s autobiography ‘Carp Side of the Moon’ sums the man up. In its pages he totally underplays his remarkable catches on Britain’s most Historic carp water, in his matter of fact ’this happened, so I changed that and tried this, etc, and luckily caught a few that rota’….. Read it and be amazed!

Captor of the inspirational Yeoveney brace, Mary, Mary’s Mate, Basil, Heather, The Sonning Eye and too many other firsts to mention (before any of them had names) Peter has always commanded great respect from his peers, young and old, and here at Gardner Tackle we are particularly proud to count him as a friend. Peter is a lovely, congenial bloke and the epitome of understated carp angling excellence.

One of many surface caught carp Pete has landed