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Carp Fishing – Beaky Bags The ‘Mug Sutton’ – by Lee ‘Beaky’ Wagner

Having spent the first night of my 48 hour session on RK Leisure’s 'Kingsmead 1' sat off the back of the bitterly cold wind I decided to make a move as I hadn’t seen anything to indicate fish were in the area. Having packed everything down I spent the next hour surveying Horton church [...]

Carp Fishing – Kingsmead Hauling – By Lee Wagner

Three weeks running I’ve been out on the bank! I usually only get 2 to 3 nights every few weeks so these concurrent sessions are a real rarity, and to be fair it certainly ended up being a session of firsts. Having managed to catch one part of my interim target (being a thirty pounder [...]

Carp Fishing – The Historic Crayfish Pool – Lee Wagner

June has now passed and judging on my last capture from Horton’s Church lake being Split-Pec 6lb’s down in weight, it confirmed that those fish that were going to spawn have done their thing. With this in mind, and as the Church Lake has so many more fish that I’d love to catch (including my [...]

Carp Fishing – From Breamland to Dreamland – Lee Wagner

Having moved off of Kingsmead 1, after it proved impossible to get through the Bream, I had a wander around the venue and found 4 nice looking chunks meandering in one of the bays on Church Lake (Horton). I dropped a handful of Grange boilies onto a little clear patch in the weed, just a [...]

Pushing The Boat Out by Lee Wagner

Bleeeeeeeeeeeepppppp................... My Slumber was somehow unexpectedly interrupted and I glided across to my rods, seamlessly slipping on my life jacket on and lifted into the protagonist creating a washing machine by the snags. Five long strides back and I’m at the entrance to my bivvy, well clear of the fire ants nests and having compensated [...]

Snub Nose – by Lee Wagner

With a three night session planned in what seemed favourable conditions with low pressure, showers, and mild nights my confidence for the upcoming visit was already pretty high. That, coupled with the fact that upon arrival a member on the lake next door had kindly informed me he had heard the fish ‘boshing’ the previous [...]

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