Continuing on from my last trip to the hard pit, I managed to get down there a couple of days later, just to keep the baited spots topped up, as I was planning on doing an overnighter on the Wednesday.

Looking at the clock constantly on Wednesday, the time to escape finally arrived and I nipped down after work and had all the rods out on their respective spots in no time. With an early 6 o’clock pack up the next morning I never feel all that confident on the work nights, especially after my last run was later in the day. As expected I woke up to my work alarm with nothing to show from the night.

Despite the lack of activity I always make sure that it doesn’t get me down to much. I like to use my over nighters to stay up late and wake up early to locate the fish ready for the forthcoming weekend. So I was off to work with a blank but knew that I’d back down Friday night after work for another go at these special carp…

The week flew by and before I knew it I was back down Friday evening. Upon arrival there were only two cars in the car park and this immediately made me a bit cautious about getting in either of my baited zones, but luckily enough they were both free!

I also had a social planned with a couple of good mates of mine, Jim and Josh, to celebrate my first carp from the lake and I had already told them that I was going to be getting my rods out on the zones and baited before any social started. With that done and a few Spombs of bait over the spots the rods were out ‘till we left’.

As it turned out we heard a couple of loud clatters from fish jumping out during the early hours of Saturday morning, as we were still up having a few laughs and a drink or two. In the end we didn’t hit the sack till nearly first light, so I was out for the count for the dawn/early morning period.

My left had rod signalled a few bleeps that woke me up, followed by a very tight clutch ticking away. Actually, it was very similar to last weekend’s, run which made me confident it was another carp from the outset. I looked around to see Josh walking over to lend a hand. It was weeded up solid and I was slowly pulling back a big bed of weed with no feeling or movement indicating what I had on at all. In fact we could see the weed getting closer and closer, but there weren’t any swirls or any signs of fish, that I would normally expect to see.

Josh waded out into the lake and took a deep sweep with the net collecting the whole bundle of weed, and with that a fish went mad; luckily enough it was in the net!

These situations can make landing a carp really difficult and I’d like to say a massive thanks to Josh for getting her straight in the net. He looked in the net and he turned round and said ‘mirror’ to me. My reply was simply ‘Huh??’

I couldn’t believe it! With only around 5 to 7 mirror living in here I knew it would be mega special fish, whichever one it was. Josh then chirped up saying it’s big and scaley! And with that I just wanted the waders on straight away so I could get out there and have a look!

With everything ready we carefully hoisted her out to weigh and then retained her for half an hour. As soon as we put her down on the Matt it was evident that it was the ‘The Linear’ at a lovely weight of 34 ½ lb.

This was by far the nicest and most beautiful carp I think that I have ever caught! This was a truly special carp that is actually older than me!

Believe it or not but this bite had come within a 5 minute window of me bite the previous Saturday. It’s mad how these defined feeding spells happen.

With the photos done and the carp back where she belongs I was in a mad rush to get back to the girlfriend, I couldn’t dare ask for another night however much I wanted to! It’s been a mega couple of weeks angling for me, with a social I will never forget!