I started my last session on the southern syndicate in a swim that I had never fished before, having always shied from fishing it as it is such an awkward swim to fish from. Nevertheless, I’d always thought it would be a good spot to angle.

Having got down to the lake just before dark and found I had a quick lead about and found a clear spot straight out in front at about sixty yards range. I put one rod on that and another underneath a snag in the margin. The third and final rod was just plonked down in the margin.

Next, I spodded over the top of each rod with about 20 spods of particle and Cell and Hybrid boilies in 15 and 18 mm diameters. I was extremely confident of a bite as you could see the fish were stacked up in my corner of the lake.

Kai has caught lots of big fish this year using our super sharp Covert Incizor hooks.

At 11pm I had a screamer and struck into my first fish which was a lush, dark mirror carp weighing 24lb 8oz.

Straight away I recast the rod back out for the night – but I wasn’t entirely happy with it so I decided to recast it at dawn. Shortly after re-check the hook bait back out more accurately the effort paid off as I was lucky enough to capture a lovely 22lb 8oz mirror just a few hour later.

The next few nights were quiet (half term holiday meant a nice session!) so I moved onto a different swim that my mate had just packed up from the swim having caught a lump from the swim that morning. As usual I had a quick lead around to find a clear area and located a spot around 65-70 yards out. I put two rods on that and the third just off the spot with a solid bag rig on it. I spodded more bait over the top of the main spot and early the next morning, at 3AM, I had my last fish on the solid bag rod which was a lovely looking 28lb 10oz of glorious scaley mirror carp.

The effort paid off as I was lucky enough to capture a lovely 22lb 8oz mirror just a few hour later.

I caught the first two fish using a blow back rig made from a long piece of Gardner Plummet Leadcore, a size 8 Covert Kwik-Lok Swivel, Covert Lead Clip and Tail Rubber, 25lb Brown Sly Skin, a size 6 Covert Incizor and a 3oz Gardner Distance Lead brown. My hookbait was an 18mm Hybrid boilie tipped off with the ‘Pocket Rocket’s’ awesome 12mm ‘Clockwork Orange’ pop-ups.

The Solid Bag was fished on a long piece of Gardner Tungsten Tubing and one of their 2oz Inline Flat Pear leads. My hooklink was made up of two inches of the lush silt coloured Trickster Heavy and a size 8 barbless Covert Mugga hook. I added a little bit of Covert Silicone Sleeve over the hook shank which was tied KD style. The hookbait that did the damage was a 18mm Hybrid bottom bait topped off with an Angelina’s ‘Acid and Pear’ 10mm pop-up.
Gardner Tackle's Kai Richards.” alt=”A stunning 28lb 10oz mirror for Gardner Tackle's Kai Richards.” width=”776″ height=”587″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-12621″ />