Now it is winter and the waters we visit are getting colder and colder, the carp are also less likely to be feeding or paying a visit to our unhooking mats.

After enjoying the Christmas festivities with the family, I returned to the waterside for a short 48 hour session, hoping to catch a last Carp before heralding in the New Year.

The day before had been bright, with nice sunshine and a reasonable daytime temperature peaking up to 8 degrees so I decided to return to a 11 acre water near my house. This lake is particularly technical, but with the possibility of catching some carp.

Arriving there at 5 in the afternoon left me short of time to get everything set up during the daylight. Once all the kit was ready and in place, I took a few moments to think about my method, to get the maximum coverage across the hot spots and the best chance to surprise a marauding carp.

Night fell and I cast my rods to best cover my swim. To my great surprise I spotted a carp cruising not far from one of my rods – the rod with a 10mm Autentik Sniper ‘Pineapple and Butyric’ boilie and house stick mix fished on a blow back rig presentation with Covert Wide Gape Talon Tip hook (size 8).

As night fell it was reassuring to see that the carp were still active despite the dropping water temperatures.

19.5kgAt 5 in the morning my ATT receiver woke me from a deep sleep. I had my rods positioned nearby and I jumped up to make contact. Straight after striking the carp rolled and gave a few shakes of the head – typically lethargic because of the cold water. Once it was in the net I saw it was a pretty fish – a mirror of 19.5 kg and I put her into a carp sack ready to photograph early the next morning.

The day broke with thick fog, and you could not see more than 90 metres.

Never the less I took the photos and hoped to get at least a couple of good shots of this magnificent carp. The mist stayed all day hiding the sun that I thought would have brought fish activity. The next night was quiet again, and the following day still gave no chances of any more fish.
I decided to return home delighted to have caught a magnificent carp at the end of the year which will set me up for a good season in 2012.

I wish a great year for 2012 to everyone and all the team at Gardner Tackle.