Our new Target SpeciLine copolymer main line offers coarse anglers of all disciplines an exceptional performance main line, that is perfectly suited for general float, legering and feeder fishing.

The unique colour balances tint and opacity ensures that it virtually disappears, blending into almost any colour water – from gin clear gravel pits to coloured pools.

Target Speciline feels right, thanks to the line’s silky smooth finish, and most importantly outstanding performance.

It is a fantastic line that gives the angler confidence thanks to its amazing linear and knot strength, with controlled stretch for positive bite indication and the best possible control whilst fishing, right from the strike through to netting the fish.

The high-tech copolymer formula copes amazingly well with abrasion; yet still feels refined and forgiving in use, thanks to its soft feel and smooth finish.

Target SpeciLine:

  • The copolymer formula used in this line ensures it sinks superbly
  • Level wound spools ensure Target SpeciLine is perfect for you to load onto your reels – 150m.
Breaking Strain Diameter Meterage
SpeciLine 4lb 0.18mm 150m
SpeciLine 6lb 0.20mm 150m
SpeciLine 8lb 0.23mm 150m
SpeciLine 10lb 0.26mm 150m


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