Rigwise Dissolving Foam

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Rigwise White Dissolving Floating Foam is essential for protecting hook points when fishing in amongst weed, showing the position of a rig after casting, preventing hairs tangling during the cast, etc.

Dissolving Rig Foam can also be used to pack open ended spods to prevent loss of dry baits like pellet during long casts.

  • Large re-sealable bag can be reused time and time again.
  • Biodegradable foam is environmentally safe.
  • Contains free ‘session pot’.
  • Net weight = approx 50g of foam.

*Top Tip – For quick release of foam or use in winter just nick the foam onto the hook and avoid compressing it where possible.

For a prolonged dissolve rate lick, wrap and stick the foam nugget. This method of attachment means that it will remain on the hook longer before partially dissolving and popping to the surface.

Fluoro Dissolving Foam is also available.

rigwise dissolving foam


Tim Child's reveals his top tips for making hook points razor sharp and protect them on the cast.

Gardner Tackle's Leon Bartropp demonstrates how to tie the Multi Rig, a presentation which has fooled many big carp.


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