These Cork Sticks have a multitude of uses in tuning your rigs, but are primarily used by anglers to add buoyancy to boiled and particle hookbaits.

Controlling the balance and adding buoyancy of your hookbaits means that you have much greater control over the way the hooklink ultimately settles – and makes most rigs react faster which means you’re fishing more effectively. All you need to do is use a 6mm Boilie drill and then plug the hole with a small section of cork. It’s then simply a case of trimming the cork stick back so the bait/rig sinks slowly.

Alternatively, you can drill out ready-made pop ups and insert a section of cork stick to get higher, longer lasting buoyancy, essential for rigs like the Chod and Hinged Stiff Rigs. Small trimmed sections of cork stick also make a great alternative to Zig Rig Foam for use as zig hook baits as the cork retains its buoyancy indefinitely. It can also be left soaking in natural attractors and sweeteners if you want to make your zig hookbaits unique.

  • 10 stick per packet.
  • Each stick 6mm diameter x 50mm long.
  • Made form high quality Portuguese cork.


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