Re-casing of V2 ATTx Receiver

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Get your V2 ATTx Receiver looking like new by having it re-cased and inspected by the professionals!

Price Per Receiver: £30.00
Postage Price per consignment: £5.00*
*Postage to international addresses (i.e. outside the UK) will incur a higher delivery fee.

ATT Uprade Information

When sending your ATT product to us for upgrade/service work, please remember to include any relevant informtaion that will be required by us to complete your request and to get the product back to you. This includes your name, your address, your telephone number, email address and details of the upgrade or service required.

Gardner Tackle Ltd.
ATT Service Dept.,
Unit 7A, Quadrum Park,
Old Portsmouth Road,
Surrey, U.K.


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