Kinetic Distance Braid is a super soft and smooth, low diameter, high performance pure Dyneema main line that has been developed especially for extreme range angling and baiting.

During development and testing Kinetic Distance Braid performed outstandingly, casting smoothly and effortlessly even at extreme ranges. It bedded in less than other similar low diameter braided main lines that field testers had used.

Kinetic Distance Braid is dyed a very dark shade of green as this reduces mid water visibility – an essential consideration as extreme range fishing often requires tight lines for positive bite indication. Bite indication is also enhanced as Kinetic Distance Braid offers near-zero stretch giving instant contact and enhanced feedback when used on a marker/leading rod.

  • Made with 100% Dyneema fibres which offers incredible strength for the braid’s low diameter.
  • Smooth, soft finish reduces friction and ensures the braid glides through the rod rings with minimal resistance.
  • Round profile & tight weave helps to minimise wind knots.
  • Low Viz Dark Green.

*Gardner Tackle believes in rating fishing line products honestly and as accurately as possible. Therefore, we always offer the uncrushed diameter for braided main lines and our stated breaking strains are inclusive of knot strength.

Always use a suitable shock leader with low diameter braided main lines, and keep them wet when fishing/baiting at range to avoid unnecessary wind knots and tangles.

Hint: To attain the maximum possible strength we recommend that customers learn to tie specialist braid knots like the Biminis Twist (see instructional video coming soon on our YouTube Channel).

For a quick guide on how to load braids onto your reels click here –



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