‘Glo Pro 2G’ (2nd Generation) is a luminous liquid line marker that is supplied in 2 hi-viz colours, making it perfect for both daytime and night-time use.

This luminescence makes ‘Glo Pro 2G’ easy and convenient if you’re marking distances on your main line for clipping to a specific range. Whether you prefer to cast out to a line marker, wrap up on sticks or walk your lines out ‘Glo Pro 2G’ makes this quicker and easier.

As ‘Glo Pro 2G’ is painted onto the main line, it forms a tidy tapered coloured marker that doesn’t snag or snare in the rings during casting, and will not slip whilst playing a fish. It’s rubbery/flexible texture means that it is easily removed with your fingernail and doesn’t mark or damage your main line.

‘Glo Pro 2G’ is now made with an improved formula that provides much greater temperature stability, giving it a longer life.

Instructions to use Gardner ‘Glo Pro 2G’:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Paint a thin layer of ‘Glo Pro 2G’ onto a 20-30mm section of the main line, marking the exact range to your baited spot or feature.
  • Allow the marker to touch dry. ‘Glo Pro 2G’ only takes a few minutes to go off (solidify) sufficiently for use. Full cure time is approximately 10 minutes.
  • Applying a thicker layer/s will ensure optimum ‘glo’ but also prolong cure time.
  • Replace lid/application brush immediately after use.
  • Each bottle contains 7ml of marker liquid.
  • Each bottle has a 12 month lifespan.

‘Glo Pro 2G’ is available individually in 2 hi-viz luminous colours: Orange and Yellow.

This choice of colours means that you can choose different colours for different spots/features, colour coordinating exact ranges on markers, fishing rods and spod rods too.

‘Glo Pro 2G+’ markers are also available. The plus versions have a higher level of performance luminous crystals, making them glow longer and brighter than Glo Pro 2G meaning marking up at night is even easier. They have less coloured pigment though which means they are less suited to daytime use than the ‘Glo Pro 2G’ versions.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes, do not consume, etc.


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