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Carp Fishing – Big Carp Mind Set Part 3 – Nigel Sharp

I continued to press on with my Winter campaign and as we all know we were getting some awesome record-breaking mild weather during late February and into early March. This weather had my head in a bit of a spin because, although I don't believe for one minute that the Frimley fish had stopped moving all winter, they were really starting to show...

Carp Fishing – The Big Carp Mind Set – Nigel Sharp

After being a carp angler for 35 years I've a fair few years of winter carping under my belt and I choose my winter waters carefully. Gone are the days of me sitting on a low stocked, deep weedy waters that's for sure. I prefer to fish weed free waters with a decent head of carp to go at and preferably a fair few big'uns amongst them.

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