The Multi-Recoil – Paul Hatton

After experiencing problems with pest species, Paul Hatton makes a few tweaks to get around the little blighters, and has come up with a Multi-Rig approach which incorporates a nifty little recoil effect. I’m a firm believer in not fixing what isn’t broken when it comes to my rigs, but now and again you find yourself in a...

The Good Old Bag and Stick – Paul Hatton

We’ve all seen features about using PVA, but Paul Hatton has gone one step further. His aim is to get you more bites by letting you in on his most successful mixes which have accounted for plenty of fish over the years. The good old PVA bag – I’m sure that pretty much every carp angler uses PVA on a regular basis. A simple mesh...

Particle Power – Paul Hatton

Much is written about boilie fishing and getting the best from your boilies, but don’t forget the magical particles. We go in-session with Paul Hatton to find out how he makes the most of the humble particle. I’ve been using particles in my carp fishing for years and years. I imagine that many of you have too, but have you..

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