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Carp Fishing – The Old Canal – By Tommy De Cleen

The old canal in Belgium is a venue that I have been fishing on and off for more than a decade, and I still love angling this little piece of heaven! The canal is around 25km long, with many different sections/stretches. During the last couple of years I have been concentrating on a few [...]

Carp Fishing – Time For A Change – By John Waller

Over the last couple of years I have been fishing a large pit in Kent with my sights firmly set on catching a new PB common. My current PB common is a fish of 42lb 8oz, which I was lucky enough to catch in 2010 from a weedy Oxfordshire syndicate lake. Having my new [...]

Carp Fishing – Autumn Blog Part 1 – By Rick Golder

During early August I began thinking about my autumn fishing, and where I wanted to fish more precisely. During the summer school holiday months I tend to only do single nights, fishing close to home and taking the kids for a few sessions. I’d taken my older boy to a club lake a couple [...]

Carp Fishing – Memorable Common – By TJ Elliot

My most memorable catch will always be this common back from May 2013. It was around the time I was taking my exams. I had started fishing an extremely hard, low stocked gravel pit that was packed with weed in the September of 2012 and to be extremely honest, I hadn't a clue what [...]

Carp Fishing – New Water Success – By Ian Lewis

Angling for me is all about the anticipation, the chase, the buzz of trying to work out the quarry and piecing together a tactical plan. Recently I’ve had a lot on my plate, a lot of things to contend with both myself and my family and to be honest my head really hasn’t been [...]

Carp Fishing – Afraid of the Dark – By ‘Nice’ Dan Chart

I simply cannot believe how fast this year has gone! I’ve had a really hard year, trying to find the time to get the sticks out. When I have managed to go I’ve really savoured the moment of just being there, rather than concentrating on my angling. It was during one of these savouring [...]

Carp Fishing – The Impossible Dream – By Ben Hinton

We all dream!! It’s what anglers do best. The dream keeps the passion and the fire burning, pushes you on when times are tough and if you’re lucky, that dream someday becomes reality. Then your dreams changes to the next milestone. Well like most I had a dream, yet my dream was classed as [...]

Carp Fishing – Short Session Success – By Tony Welch

Short sessions to some anglers may be something like 30 odd hours on the bank. That sort of time for me these days would be heavenly! At present I manage a very quick night three times a month, literally heading for the lake at 8pm and finding my way home by 10:30am the following [...]

Carp Fishing – A Fresh Start and a New Challenge – By Tom Oliver

My fishing has taken a back seat of late as we had the sad news that my Gran was loosing her battle with cancer and there was nothing more they could do. My family and I were all devastated and understandably fishing was the last thing on my mind. On the couple of occasions [...]

Carp Fishing – How to Catch Your First River Carp – By Mark Casper

If you are looking at carp-fishing a river for the first time, the very first thing you need to understand is location is EVERYTHING. Unlike your lake, which you will be more accustomed to fishing, the fish you’re targeting could, in reality, could be literally miles away from you at any given point. If [...]

Carp Fishing – Not Just A Walk In The Park – By Lewis Read

Yes, the title’s most definitely a bit of a tongue in cheek, initiated by the fact that the prevalent opinion is that Welly is easy! Standard “Forty a chuck” or “Welly Fish don’t count” banter and the usual murmurings are based on a lack of understanding. In fact, make those statements to the competent [...]

Carp Fishing – Hauling at Tamar – By Tony Welch

Much of the time carp angling is focused on so called target fish in the lakes and rivers we fish. They consume all thoughts of the chasing angler in his or her quest to bank usually the largest carp in the venue! Of course when fishing for a particular carp it would naturally consume [...]

Carp Fishing – Back Lake Campaign – By Brandon Butler

With my school exams over I could now dedicate my spare time to fishing on the Hartley Witney club waters at Church Farm in Yateley. I decided to fish the Back Lake which holds a good head of carp; not the biggest maybe, but it certainly holds some surprises and beautiful fish. I was [...]