The addiction to carp fishing started at a very young age for me, when my dad used to take me to his local club lakes float fishing. I remember watching the float slip under and when I struck into the fish I soon realised I wasn’t hooked into the usual roach or perch. Feeling the strength and weight of my first carp on the end of that line had me hooked for life.

Since then I have fished a number of day tickets and club waters learning and improving my skills as much as possible.

I then got a ticket on my first syndicate called Mercers park. I fished this lake for a couple of seasons and after working hard and wading through the fish I finally caught my first UK 40+ carp, a fish called ‘The Leany’ at 46lb 7oz – 40 year old fish and my favourite capture to date. I was also lucky enough to catch ‘The Big Leather’ at its biggest ever weight of 44lb.

Since then I have moved on to a couple of Kent syndicates. One of which I caught a number of lovely 30s from and a 43lb mirror off the surface. I have had some decent fish from these lakes and I’m enjoying my time over in Kent. There’s still a few targets to go for me in the area and I’m buzzing to keep active and fishing hard in pursuit of these Kent carp.

I have been using Gardner tackle for many years now and I have so much trust and confidence in the products. I like to use the mugga hooks and the ultra skin hooklinks, I absolutely love the Gardner main lines.

Fact File

Full name: Matthew forshaw
Location: Merstham, Surrey
Date of Birth: 24/08/1990
Favourite Venues: Mercers park, Brooklands Kent
PB’s (lb): UK PB – Mirror 46lb 7oz Common 38lb, Leather 44lb, ghosty 36lb