Whether you prefer to leave your sleeping bag on your bedchair the whole time, or pack it away into its carry bag between trips always try to ensure that the sleeping bag is dried/aired. This will ensure that you maintain the product’s best condition/performance.

Cleaning Your Sleeping Bag

There are two choices:

1. Machine Washing Your Sleeping Bag

  • During washing, ensure the zips are done up and the Velcro tabs are secured. Use a heavy-duty front loader on a gentle cycle. Please check manufacturers load limits so you don’t exceed the washing machines capacity.
  • Set to a warm machine wash (up to 30°C).
  • Always use a mild soap, detergent or Nikwax as these are less likely to clog breathable materials like those used on the Carp Duvet or DPM Bedchair cover.
  • Once the wash cycle is complete, run an additional rinse and spin-only cycle to make sure all the soap and excess water is removed.

2. Hand washing your sleeping Bag

  • Fill your bath with 10-15cm of warm water and add mild soap, detergent or Nikwax at the manufacturers recommended levels.
  • Place the sleeping bag into the bath and gently agitate it in the water until the bag is saturated. When your bag is fully soaked it will be heavy, so do not attempt to lift it out without draining the excess water off first.
  • Leave the bag to soak for at least an hour, extending this soak time if the bag is particularly filthy!
  • Drain the water and then add fresh water again, and repeat the process of massage the water into the bag again. Repeat this process until no soap is visible in the water that is being used to rinse the bag in.
  • Push out as much water as possible by pressing down on the bag. You’ll find that you can push more water out by folding the bag over and repeating this process.

*We do not recommend dry-cleaning your sleeping bag as the fumes produced by dry-cleaning fluids can be damage the materials and insulation used in their construction.

Drying Your Sleeping Bag

Once you have pushed out as much excess water as possible you can tumble-dry your sleeping bag on a low temperature setting. *Excess heat can damage the sleeping bag.

If you dry it outdoors we recommend that it is done out of direct sunlight, as excessive exposure to UV can degrade the sleeping bag shell fabric. A warm dry breezy day provides the perfect conditions for drying your sleeping bag outside.