As a lifelong angler I have enjoyed many aspects of the sport in both salt and fresh water. Amongst my favourite fishing memories are my first fish, a small perch, catching an 8lb Bass from the beach and winning a match with a haul of Thames bream. From a pleasure fisherman I developed into a serious match angler, before turning my attentions towards carp and, more than twenty five years on, I’m still as keen as ever.

I enjoy writing and I am a regular contributor to both Carpology and Carpworld. I’ve also penned many pieces for Advanced Carp Fishing and Total Carp, amongst others, and have written guest chapters in two books. In addition my media work has seen me participating in several video projects, including Carp TV.

Large, thoroughbred English fish are what motivate me and, along the way, I’ve been lucky enough to pick up some really special ones including a Mirror of 56lb 14oz and Commons to 45lb 4oz. Size isn’t everything though and aesthetic appeal is just as important to me. I’m just as likely to target a fish because of its appearance or history and I particularly enjoy challenging myself against some of the countries more ancient specimens banking, amongst several in their 50s, one at over 65 years old.

For the most part I spend my time fishing on weedy, tricky venues and, although many of my big fish captures have come from circuit waters, such as Horton, Dinton Pastures, Pingewood and Vinnetrow, I’m equally at home on quieter, less well known lakes. Generally my angling involves me trying to outwit one or two of a venue’s biggest, most desirable residents although, in recent years, I have devoted an increasing proportion of my time to surface fishing for whatever comes along. I find this form of angling exciting and particularly enjoyable.

The vast majority of the waters I have fished have something in common… weed. I’m a mobile angler and the mainstay of my approach involves me boilie fishing in the weed so, I suppose, that’s where my strengths lie. This type of fishing is demanding and I have very specific expectations from my tackle. I’ve got plenty of experience of product design and development in the industry so I hope that will enable me to bring something to the table.

Fact File

Name: Matt Eaton
Nickname: I’ve been called many things but thankfully none of them have stuck
Location: Portsmouth
Date of Birth: 20th May 1969
Favourite Venues: White Swan on the Dinton Pastures complex
PB’s (lb): Mirror 56lb 14oz, Common 45lb 4oz