I started fishing at the age of 6 on a local pond called Tomlins and enjoyed several years catching all sorts of lovely little species like perch, bleak, Rudd, roach, gudgeon, skimmers, small tench and even the odd Wildy on crust. From there I slowly developed and caught the odd tench and then ventured onto some local gravel pits called Hollybush lane which my stepdad run at the time. At the time those lakes were known for very big pike and carp but also had some great tench fishing as well as match fishing available so ideal for my next step up. There I learnt tench fishing basics from a carp angling great of the time called Bill whom was a friend of the ole man. Back then I considered a 3lb fish as a monster. On the odd occasion the ole man would allow me to fish alongside him on the pit 4 syndicate and I remember trembling through fear of hooking one of the monster carp that resided in that lake back then.

From Hollybush I went on to fish the old lakes at Frimley purely because they were local and I could walk there from my home on the neighbouring estate. For several years up until I left school I did do the odd bit of carp fishing on Brittans pond with the ole man but in the main I carried on with the tench fish during the summer and pike fishing in the winter months until I left school in1984.

Now this is where it all went wrong for me as carp fishing became more important than getting a career so what work I did get was purely a means to earn money to fish and that’s what I did for the next decade on that venue and several others like the canal, Hawley, Broadlands, College, Island pond etc until I plucked up the courage to go and fish the low stocked waters of Yateley during the early 90s. Luckily for me those tricky lakes at Yateley proved that all I’d learned was right and I soon got amongst those historic fish and started chasing 40lb+ target fish during the mid 90s and have never let up since. The list of PBs above should show that I’ve not only exceeded the size of those monsters that I feared hooking in Trout pit but I’ve also been very lucky to have fished the right places at the right time and met some great friends along the way i.e. Lewis Read.

If I were asked why I’ve remained so consistent over many years on a mix of large and small waters ranging from club waters to day tickets and syndicates I put it down to self belief, pure determination and watercraft as well as understand rig mechanics and never giving up. 42 years on I still love fishing as much as the first time I went and have over a decade of experience of working in the trade so I know a thing or two about most things in angling.

Fact File

Name: Nigel Sharp
Nickname: Sharpy
Location: Surrey Hants boarder
Date of Birth: 2/4/68
Favourite Venues: Frimley and Burghfield
PB’s (lb): mirror 50.8, common 52.12, Leather 45, Floater 44.6, Fully scaled 40.12, foreign 43ish, barbel 12.14.