After a miserable winter with very little in the way of fishing, I was eager to get the rods back out again as the first glimpses of spring were on the horizon. After a memorable 2014 spent on the RK Leisure complex, I decided not to renew my ticket this year and instead I was offered a place on the Frimley Complex (a gesture that I was extremely grateful for). I was incredibly excited at the prospect of fishing for some of the glorious commons (not to mention the fully scaled mirrors) the complex has to offer. Emotions were high and I couldn’t wait to get down there and wet a line!
After fishing underneath the Heathrow flight path last year, I instantly appreciated the peace and tranquillity Frimley had to offer. It soon became apparent after talking to several of the venue regulars that Pit 3 wasn’t fishing particularly well. My first 48 hour session was soon up and although I ended with a dry net, I didn’t let this worry me. I hoped the first few sessions would allow me to start building up a picture of the venue, which I hoped would pay dividends when the fish really started to kick in.

On my return only one fish had graced the bank, so I spent most of my time staying mobile and trying to learn as much as possible about different areas of the lake. I saw very little during my second session and with several good anglers in attendance, again very little happened. As I packed the last of my kit away at the end of the session, I was convinced it was only a matter of time before an opportunity presented itself.

The weather soon changed for the better and I arrived for my third session to much warmer conditions. The sun had obviously had an effect as after a quick lap of the lake I soon saw signs of the venues inhabitants. The only trouble was the swims that covered the area were already occupied! I decided to stay mobile and fish on the barrow, hoping that I could make the most of any opportunities. After my third move of the day, one of the fancied swims became free and I didn’t need to think twice before getting round there rather sharpish!

The fish were evident in the upper layers of the water and I knew that zigs were going to be the way forward. Pit 3 rules dictate that zigs can only be used on one rod. I quickly had one tied up using 12lb Zig Link and a size 12 Covert Mugga hook. I threaded two small whittled down pieces of Gardner Zig Rig Foam (one white and one black) on to a tiny hair, making sure to give it an added boost of Carp Company Golden Corn Oil.

I made a subtle cast in the direction of the fish, hoping that I hadn’t spooked them in the process. After tightening the line and setting the bobbin, I turned round and before I knew it the rod was away! The fish gave a great account of itself, trying it’s best to get me round the back of a gravel hump. Due to the small hook and light line, it was real heart in the mouth stuff as I knew I was connected to a good fish. After 10 minutes I was relived (buzzing) to slip the net under my first Frimley common. The fish was absolutely mint and pulled the scales round to 31lb, not a bad start! Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and the fish soon did a vanishing act.

A week soon passed and I was back at Pit 3 again. It had been busy, but the fish had been showing themselves, obviously cleaning themselves of any parasites after the colder winter months. I spent the day being mobile and casting at showing fish in the rain. Deep down I knew they weren’t really feeding, but I felt it was worth a shot. As darkness began to fall, I settled into a swim for the night absolutely soaked through! Not much occurred through the night (apart from doing some pics of a low twenty for a close friend).

I was up at first light watching the water and after seeing a couple of show, I soon upped sticks and move round. The rods were rigged up with running chods tied using a Camflex Leadfree Leader, 20lb Trip Wire, a super sharp size 6 Covert Chod hook and a 1oz Bolt Bomb. Hookbaits were my ever faithful Carp Company Caviar and Cranberry pop ups. Before making a cast, I waited patiently for the fish to show themselves and I soon two rigs cast nearby. The rigs went down with perfect drops and I felt really confident…

I decided to get my head down for a few hours and I must have been asleep for a couple of hours before the right hand rod was away. After a fifteen minute fight the fish ploughed up and down the margins and fortunately dropped straight into the net on the first time of asking.

Parting the mesh, I was greeted by the sight of a big common and the scales agreed, registering a weight of 37lb! After a couple of quick trophy shot, I carefully returned the fish and set about tying on a fresh hookbait. Before I had time, the other rod was away, resulting in a mid-double common. Unfortunately my 48 hour limit was now up and it was time to head home, already looking forward to my next Pit 3 session!