We would like to congratulate all of the competitors that took part in the “IV National Carp Fishing Final for Spain” that took place in Caspe, Zaragoza between 29th June to 3rd July.

This year the event was hosted by the Aragón section of the Spanish Angling Federation, and was sponsored by Gardner Tackle together with Blackfish (Gardner’s national distributor in Spain).

Held over 3 days, the event involved 43 pairs from across the country, competing for both individual and team medals over 3 sections.

Spanish 2011 winnersAlthough fish were initially caught from throughout the three sections it soon became clear that local tour guide ‘gurus’ Paul Booth and Barry Wilson – both permanent Spanish residents and fishing for the hosting province Aragón – had begun to accumulate a massive lead. Each day they successfully consolidated their position and the  final results saw them crowned champions after capturing 30 fish to over 19kg (!) for a grand total of 272.170 kg – a phenomenal result.

Second place went to Jose Luis Frias Berenguer and Salvador Sanchez Ortez, also representing Aragón, who achieved a superb 25 fish for 205.050 kg.

Third place went to Clemente Pozuelo Lopez and Juan Arcadito Fernandez of Andalucia, who caught 27 fish between them for 178.600 kg.

Gardner Tackle sponsored anglers Ismael Gonzalez Corbacho and David Flores Fruto (representing Madrid) managed a creditable 7th place overall, with the capture of 23 fish for 144.890kg.

The top three winning pairs received prize bundles donated by Gardner

The team medals were awarded as follows:

–    1st Team Andalucia
–    2nd Team Aragón
–    3rd Team Madrid

Overall the competitors caught 597 fish for over 3,350kg, with the top 12 pairs hauling in over 100kg each!!)

Gardner Tackle would like to congratulate all of the anglers and organisers involved, and especially the winners Paul and Barry for becoming Spanish National Champions for 2011! Well done.