A fish retainer that allows you to keep your catch fresh by pegging it out in the margins. Designed by top fly angler Peter Cockwill, fish can be transported effortlessly without the smell associated with fish bags.

The loops will hold up to four trout securely. Extend the cord and push the peg into the margin to keep the fish fresh. When you are ready to move, simply wrap excess cord around the handle and secure in the slot provided.

Spare loops are available separately as a pair. Code: TPL.


After despatching your trout, extend the cord to release the clips from the handle. Compress the end of the clip and slide the locking collar to expose the end of the loop. Lift the round end from its slot and pass it through the mouth. Replace the loop end into the slot and secure with the locking collar. Fish can be placed in the water (in a shaded spot if possible) and secured by pushing the handle spike into the ground.

When you are ready to move or go home, first slide the clip mounted fish along the cord to the handle. Now pull loose the end of the cord into the click slot at the rear of the Trout Peg and wrap the excess cord round the slot section. Then secure by passing the end of the cord through the click slot again.

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