Using a line clip on the rod blank in front of your reel enables you to create the optimum angle for bite indication between the bobbin, hanger and buzzer. By changing the position of a line clip you can fine tune your bite indication to suit different fishing situations.

By reducing the distance between the clip and the bobbin (by positioning the clip further forward in front of the reel) you can increase the sensitivity of your bite indication, as the increased angle this creates from the clip down to the bobbin reduces the tension. This is helpful for fishing with slack lines and has the effect of making the bobbin relatively ‘lighter’.
Alternatively, for long range angling, with larger bobbins, having the line clip positioned as far away from the butt ring/bite indicator as possible (towards the reel) helps to create the maximum potential load on the line and increase the bite indication when fishing with a tighter line.

Simple to use:

  • Simply position the clip on the side of the blank at the required distance from the reel.
  • Position the O-ring into the groove on one side of the clip.
  • Pull the O-ring around the back of the rod blank.
  • Position the O-ring into the remaining groove making sure the ring is pushed securely into the channel.

The design of Sensi-Clips also allow you to adjust your bobbins without pulling the line fully out of the clip, as the line can be fed through the void on the inside of the clip as necessary.

Each pack contains 3 x Sensi-Clips and 3 x 25mm UV resistant O-rings.

1 review for Sensi-Clip (Rod Line Clip)

  1. Evan Cartabiano

    Awesome little bit of kit! Very helpful to get the best bit indication possible.

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