Target Run Rings are designed for use in creating free running rigs, making them ideal for use in tying rigs that are suitable for fishing for a multitude of species including barbel, Chub, bream, carp and eels.

They are made so that the lead is mounted on a specially designed crook. The pre-formed crook is made with just the right rigidity so that the lead will be discharged if it snags on an underwater obstacle.

Simply mount the lead swivel onto the crook and sleeve it with the silicone tubing provided to secure in position.

The Target Run Ring has been designed/sized to work in conjunction with Target Buffer Beads.

  • Target Run Rings are available in two excellent colours – Natural Green and Natural Brown.
  • 5 Run Rings and sleeves per packet.

Target Run Ring Set-up

1 review for Target Run Rings

  1. Bruno Broughton

    No reviews – what? As far as I’m concerned, these are an absolute essential end tackle item for barbel (and chub) fishing, and I’ve been using them exclusively for over four years now.. If your feeder or lead snags while playing a fish, the fish is unlikely to dislodge it on a running set-up. With a conventional lead/feeder rig, all you can do is pull hard and hope it comes free… but it may not. If you pull and break while trying, that’s a lost fish (and it could be a real clonker). But not with these beauties because the crook will break and leave the feeder/lead behind; you’re now free to play and (hopefully) land the fish. An added benefit for those who leave their rods rigged and folded down between sessions is that it’s a cinch to slip the lead/feeder from the crook, making packing down so much easier and damage-free.

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