A Purpose designed rig storage pouch for keeping your pre-tied rigs straight and hook point in pristine condition.

Three separate storage options allows 30% more rigs to be stored safely:

  • One side has a single full width bar and high density foam surface pad for hooking and pinning hooklinks up almost 30cm in length.
  • The opposite side is split into two full width sections. This allows greater storage of short rigs, with bars set for 12cm (top half) and 15cm (bottom half) rig storage.
  • Hook retaining wires are rigid stainless steel, and set into the durable black foam board.
  • Stiff, durable casing offers excellent protection to rigs in storage.
  • Supplied with 20 round head map pins for retaining rigs in position.
  • Zips fully open and lies flat – which is ideal when tying up rigs on the bank.
  • Dimensions: Length=34cm, Width=14cm.
  • Colour: Dark Olive Green.


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